Care and Maintenance of CPAP Humidifier Part 2

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Care and Maintenance of CPAP Humidifier Part 2

Water has the tendency to accumulate in a CPAP tube because of the cooling and condensing of warm, moist air that travels from the CPAP machine to the mask.  This occurrence is called a rainout. When the warm moist air flows through the tube, the room temperature cools the tube. The air inside the tube releases moisture when the tube cools. This condensation inside the hose is called rainout.

Though the rainout won’t readily affect the efficiency of the CPAP machine, a rainout will nonetheless the humidification.  Here are some tips on how you can reduce rainout.

  • Increase the temperature of the room. A cold room with increase rainout.
  • Keep the bed and CPAP machine at the same level
  • Use an insulated hose by buying a hose cover
  • Lower the temperature of the heated humidifier
  • There are heated CPAP hose that maintains the temperature from the machine to the mask.



Do you need a CPAP hose? Condensation happens when warm air emitted by the heated humidifier cools down as it travels through the CPAP hose. If you wish to maximize usage of your heated humidifier, you need a CPAP hose as insulating the hose will effectively maintain the temperature in the hose and thus ensure that the air’s moisture content is maintained to a minimum. The insulating hose cove will not in any way deter the function and performance of the CPAP hose. It will even add a little weight to the hose, making it easier to handle and position. Examples of these wraps or covers available at CPAP Victoria are ResMed Tubing Wrap and SlimLine Tubing Wrap.

Rainout Reduction Features

CPAP manufacturers such as ResMed and Philips Respironics have developing and innovating ways to minimize humidifier rainout for optimum humidification.

ResMed has come up with a heated CPAP hose to do away with hose insulation or cover. A heated CPAP hose features copper coils wrapped around or embedded in the hose. The coils conduct steady temperature through the length of the CPAP hose. Rainout is eliminated and the user is assured of a comfortable and optimum humidification process.  An example is ResMed Airsense 10 ClimateLineAir heated tube which is compatible with Airsense 10 Elite, Airsense 10 Auto and Airsense 10 Auto for Her.

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