Independently owned and operated
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Independently owned and operated
300+ 5 star reviews

All You Need to Know About CPAP Masks

Now that you have decided which CPAP machine to buy, you also have to decide which CPAP mask to buy.

Light Therapy for better sleep patterns

Written By - Cameron Tyler PhD Light effects the natural bodily processes that lead to you feeling drowsy and going to sleep at night as well as those that cause you to remain alert and wakeful during the day. This blog post examines some of the w...

Are you struggling with CPAP therapy?

Written by ; Cameron Tyler Ph.D and CPAP Consultant  As you fall asleep, the muscles in your throat and upper airways can relax so much that your airways can partially or completely close. This can lead to snoring or even an obstructive sleep apno...

Australia Post Delays

Australia Post is experiencing significant delays of up to 15 working days due to the Victorian covid-19 restrictions. We cannot offer a refund for orders that have not arrived before this time.

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