All You Need to Know About CPAP Masks

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All You Need to Know About CPAP Masks

CPAP therapy is undoubtedly the best treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea. Choosing which brand and type of CPAP machine to buy probably entailed discussions with your sleep doctor and CPAP machine supplier.  Now that you have decided which CPAP machine to buy, you also have to decide which CPAP mask to buy.

Choosing the Right Mask

There are four general categories of masks available in the market today and they are:


Caring for the CPAP Mask

It is best to clean your CPAP mask every morning, after a night’s therapy. It is important to remove the oil left in the mask through skin contact.  It is best to use warm water and baby soap or shampoo to clean the mask. Do not use soaps with lotion and antibacterial soap as they will break the mask’s silicone cushion, and coat the mask causing it to lose its seal.  Before using the CPAP mask, make sure to clean your face to improve the mask’s seal.

Replacing CPAP Mask

It is recommended to replace the mask cushion every 3-6 months.  After every 12 months, the whole mask system should be replaced.  Mask cushions usually deteriorate in about 6 months of regular use as they become too soft to effectively hold a seal. The strap of the headgear also loses its elasticity that you must progressively tighten it more to achieve an efficient seal. When the mask’s seal is compromised, air leaks happen, thereby reducing the efficacy of the CPAP therapy. Replacement parts are available at CPAP Victoria.

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