Independently owned and operated
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Independently owned and operated
300+ 5 star reviews

Try our Exclusive 30 Day
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Rediscover what it feels like to get a good night’s sleep!

  • Expert advice to help you choose the right type of CPAP equipment for you
  • 30-day trial lets you try your CPAP setup in your home without committing to buying
  • CPAP mask fitting so you can rest in comfort and get the restorative sleep you need

When was the last time you slept through the night and woke feeling refreshed and full of energy?

If you’re like most sleep apnoea sufferers, you probably can’t remember.

Instead, you wake up feeling just as tired as when you went to bed. And you feel lethargic throughout the day as well.

You probably even sometimes have trouble staying awake through an entire movie, don’t you?

Sleep apnoea is a serious condition – it can not only make you constantly tired, but can contribute to a wide range of other health problems too, including:

  • Liver damage
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain, particularly around your waist
  • Increased risk of Type 2 diabetes

It’s understandable. Even if your sleep study has shown that you
could dramatically benefit from CPAP therapy, there are probably
several reasons you haven’t purchased your equipment yet:

  • You’re concerned about spending a lot of money on CPAP
    equipment and then finding out it’s not the right setup for you.
  • You’re worried that the CPAP mask won’t fit right
  • Wearing an air flow mask seems cumbersome and
    uncomfortable, and you’re concerned you won’t be able to sleep
    at night.
  • You wonder if you’ll be able to tolerate the air flow.

In as little as 2 weeks after you complete your initial consultation
and set up your CPAP equipment at home, you can

  • Experience more energy and focus than you’ve had in years
  • Eliminate the risk of falling asleep while driving
  • Clear away “mental fog” and regain clarity
  • Decrease your risk of several critical health conditions
  • Enjoy Quality time with family
  • Watch an entire movie without drifting off!

Why take advantage of CPAP Victoria’s 30-day trial?

  • 13 Clinics In Victoria

    With 13 locations in Victoria and more opening soon, we’re never far away when you need us.

  • Options To Suit Your Budget

    Our product line includes setups to fit just about any budget.

  • Try Before You Buy

    You don’t have to spend hundreds (or even thousands) on a CPAP setup before you try it.

  • All Major Brands Stocked

    We carry all of the top CPAP brands and the newest equipment to give you the widest selection possible.

  • Expert Advice

    Our friendly experts guide you through the process, so there’s no guesswork.

  • Feel Better For Less

    You get more energy, better sleep, increased mental focus, and much more for just $40p/w.

Ready to get started?

  • Step 1

    Your 30 day trial begins with an initial 1 hour, one-on-one appointment at any of our 13 Victorian clinics.

  • Step 2

    We'll outline CPAP therapy, answer your questions and get you set-up with CPAP equipment based on your personal needs.

  • Step 3

    During the trial we'll be in touch to help with any issues. At the end we review your results in detail and guide you through the next steps.

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