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Independently owned and operated
300+ 5 star reviews

Say Goodbye to CPAP Rainout! Discover the Simple Solution for a Comfortable Sleep!

CPAP Humidification and Rainout: Why a Hose wrap/Tube Cover is Beneficial Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is a widely used treatment for individuals with sleep apnea. It involves delivering a steady flow of pressurized air throu...

"Cracking the Code: Decoding ResMed Mask Names and Understanding the 'i' Factor"

Have you ever wondered why your CPAP mask has a letter at the beginning of its name?

ResMed uses letters such as F, N, and P when naming their masks to provide a quick and easy way for healthcare professionals and patients to identify the type and design of the mask.

61 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Sleep

Here's a post from MattressInsider. Author Jonathan Prichard was kind enough to allow us to use his article in its entirety. It’s no secret… Many of us have poor sleep habits. In fact: As I type this sentence, my clock says it’s 1:27am here in Col...
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