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Snoring Devices for Sleep Apnoea

CPAP Victoria has continuously presented alternative treatments for sleep apnoea. Based on surveys and anecdotal proof, some of these treatments proved to be effective for some patients, whereas there are those claimed the futility of some alternative treatments. Improvement of patient’s condition largely depends on the severity of his sleep apnoea.

Blog posts pertaining to tongue exercises to improve sleep breathing disorders, playing the didgeridoo, alternative lifestyle such as weight loss, dental appliances and so on, have been presented to readers to educate them about alternative treatments to sleep apnoea.

What about snoring devices? Can they help sufferers of mild sleep apnoea?

Irregular and loud snoring are often signs of obstructive sleep apnoea.  It is therefore possible that devices designed to address snoring can greatly aid a person with OSA to breathe more efficiently during sleep.

The most efficient and effective device for treating snoring that is related to obstructive sleep apnoea is a CPAP machine. Period.  However, for those who are sufferers of harmless snoring which may be related to mild sleep apnoea, snoring devices can help.  These devices include nasal strips and mechanical dilators, oral/dental devices, and positional therapy devices.

Mechanical Dilators and Nasal Strips

These devices work best for those who snore due to nasal congestion.  These devices help open the nasal valve, and prevent its collapse during inspiration.  Usually made of plastic, a mechanical dilator is inserted at and gently pushed outward the nostril.


Nasal strips are two parallel bands of plastic on an adhesive pad, sort of like an adhesive plaster.  This    adhesive pad is placed across the nose of the person. It works by lifting the skin upward and outward, as it pulls open the very flexible cartilage walls from the nose. Thus, the nasal valve is widened for better breathing.


These two snoring devise may work if the snoring is cause by a nasal valve that is too narrow.  If the snoring emanates from the person’s throat or mouth, these devices will not work.

Dental Devices or Oral

Dental or oral devices have proved to be effective for some in controlling severe snoring related to sleep apnoea.  There are plenty of oral devices and all of them may be classified into Mandibular Advancing Device (MAD) and Tongue Retaining Device (TRD).

MAD treats snoring by repositioning the mandible to an outward position while the patient is sleeping.  The airway is opened up by the indirect pulling of the tongue forward through the negative pressure going on in the mouth.  The lower jaws as well as the other structures in the mouth are stably positioned to prevent the mouth from opening while the patient is sleeping.


TRD hold the tongue in a forward position through a suction bulb.  Thus the tongue is prevented from collapsing, and obstructing the patient’s airway during sleep.

These devices will only prove effective to those with mild to moderate OSA, or primary snoring.  One should note that these devices are quite uncomfortable to use, and must be used each night.

Positional Therapy Devices

A patient must sleep on his stomach or on his side in sleep position therapy. The most popular “positioners” are anti-snore belts and positional pillows.  As the patient sleeps on his side, a positional pillow is placed at his back to prevent him from lying supine. An anti-snore belt pretty does the same thing as it vibrates or emits a sound to wake up the patient if he reverts to a lying down position.  These devices actually work for sufferers of upper airways obstruction. However, if one’s snoring is due to nasal obstruction, or due to severe sleep apnoea.


CPAP Therapy

CPAP therapy remains the standard in the treatment of moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnoea. Currently there is a wide range of CPAP machines, including BiPAP and APAP machines that are available to consumers.  There is one to fit one’s needs in terms of fit and comfort.

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