Sleep Disorders

Do You Have Sleep Apnoea?

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So you have been sleeping poorly for quite a while now and it is taking its toll not only on your physical health but mental health as well. You think you probably have a sleep disorder but you cannot be rightly sure. For this condition, you have to consult a doctor. But what if what you have is sleep apnoea? You can identify sleep apnoea syndrome by taking this quiz sourced fromSleep Apnoea – The Phantom of the Night.

Truthfully answering the questions below will help you understand if your sleepless nights are caused by sleep apnoea. You will need the help of your bed partner or roommate to answer some of the questions. Or you can record yourself as you sleep to identify pauses in breathing and snoring.


General Questions

• Do you loudly snore each night?
• Are there frequent pauses in breathing during sleep; as in your breathing stops for at least 10 seconds?
• Do you frequently have headaches in the morning upon waking up?
• Do you feel fatigued or sleepy during the day?
• Do you easily fall asleep during the course of the day?
In the Bedroom
• Do you frequently suffer from heartburn during sleep at least two times a week?
• Do you toss and turn during sleep?
• Do you suddenly awake from sleep, choking and suffocating?
• Do you sleep in unusual positions such as propped up by pillows or sitting up?
• Do you frequently wake up during the night? Do you have insomnia?
• Do you get up several times a night to urinate?
• Have you experienced falling from bed during sleep?
• Have you wet you bed during sleep?

While You are Awake

• Do you wake up each morning foggy, tired and ready to crawl up back to bed again?
• Do you have frequent headaches in the morning?
• Are you tired and sleepy during the day?
• Do you fall asleep during the day?
• Do you nod off while driving?
• Do you feel that you cannot concentrate, are unproductive and unable to complete tasks?
• Do you seem to be in a daze as you go about your work?
• Have you experienced arriving at home in your car without remembering the trip home?

Emotional and Relationship Issues

• Do you have relationship problems with relatives, friends and co-workers?
• Do you feel that you are out of touch of the real world, have poor memory, unable to concentrate and think clearly?
• Do some of your friends and relatives say that you seem to be different and not acting like yourself?
• Do you feel generally overwhelmed with life; quite depressed; and lack interest in what you are doing?
• Do you feel exceptionally irritable and angry the moment you wake up in the morning?

Physical and Medical Conditions, Lifestyle

• Are you quite overweight?
• Are you hypertensive and the condition is not easily managed?
• Do you have a heart condition and are being treated for the condition that is quite hard to manage?
• Are you experiencing bone and joint pains?
• Do you find it difficult to breathe through your nose?
• Do you drink alcohol before going to bed?
• Do you a receding jaw and small chin?
• If you are male, is your color size larger than 42 inches?
• Have you been diagnosed with esophageal reflux?
• Do you have relatives who have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea?

If your answers are strong “Yeses”, then you might have an underlying sleep disorder. The condition can be a type of sleep disorder, sleep apnoea or any other sleep-related disorder. Symptoms, whether perceived and subtle, are clues to your conditions. The best thing to do is consult with a legitimate sleep doctor to assess your condition.

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