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Philips Respironics Wisp Nasal Mask and Headgear Review

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Philips Respironics is known for its design and manufacture of high quality CPA machines and CPAP masks. One of its popular masks is the Wisp CPAP mask, a combination nasal CPAP mask and pillow-type CPAP mask that is not only efficient but also lightweight, compact, easy to adjust and offers a clear line of sight to the user.


Product Features

• Innovative and revolutionary compact design
• Unobstructed line of sight
• Headgear designed to accommodate eyeglasses
• Options for frame material
• Easy to fit and offers a tight seal
• Lightweight and very flexible short tube
• Available in various sizes

Revolutionary Design

The design of the Wisp Mask affords a user to easily take control of his sleep therapy. There is no need for a professional sleep therapist to set up the machine as setting it up is quite easy. A user will have the freedom of movement that is lacking in most CPAP masks. There is no need to constantly adjust and re-adjust the mask while undergoing therapy. This translates to peaceful and restful nights not only to the user but for the bed partner as well.

Minimal Design and Clear Line of Sight

The minimalistic design of the headgear and frame affords great support and seal for the Wisp Mask. There is no cumbersome forehead support that not only mars the face of the user but hinders his line of sight. Those who prefer to watch TV or read while in bed during CPAP therapy will appreciate this feature. In connection, a user who wears eyeglasses will find the design of the Wisp Mask very advantageous. The lightweight feel of the CPAP mask translates to a less invasive sleep therapy for the user.

Frame Materials

The frame of the Wisp Mask is available in fabric and clear silicone. The fabric-covered frame affords a softer touch which is great for users with very sensitive facial skin. Each side of the fabric frame has different materials for different textures. The molded clear silicone frame is more traditional. It is lightweight, flexible and has a smooth surface. The frame is modular and reversible.

Easy Fit and Tight Seal

The Wisp comes in three sizes of cushion - petite, small/medium, and large. The Wisp mask comes packaged with small/medium cushion so the user can choose which one offers the best fit and seal.

Lightweight and Flexible Short Tube

The inclusive flexible and lightweight short tube easily connects to the swivel elbow. This serves as the connection between the cushion and the long hose, affording freedom of movement without losing the tight seal of the CPAP mask. The short tube can be easily secured to the headgear with the crown loop to keep the hose up and out of the way.


The Philips Respironics Wisp Mask is an affordable, convenient and efficient combination nasal CPAP mask and pillows type CPAP mask. It is available in three standard sizes and in two different headgear styles.

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