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Philips Respironics Nuance Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Review

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A new standard in nasal pillow mask technology has been innovated by Philips Respironics. The ground-breaking technology integrates comfort and contour of gel into a nasal pillow. The gel cushion technology affords users comfort fit and maximum seal while undergoing therapy. The gel pillows fit various size nostrils for a perfect and secure fit.

Nuance Front

Product Features and Benefits

There are two frame designs for the gel nasal pillow mask: silicone frame or fabric frame. The Nuance model makes use of a soft and lightweight fabric mask while the Nuance Pro model uses a silicone frame fitted with gel pads to effectively cushion the cheeks of the user. Since this CPAP mask only covers the nostrils, the air is directly delivered to the nasal cavity of the user for a more efficient OSA therapy.

Nuance Soft Cloth Frame

The soft and stretchable fabric is very lightweight. A built-in retaining ring holds the nasal pillow on the frame while Velcro tabs connect the headgear at the loops on the crown straps.

Features of the Nuance fabric frame include:

• The all fabric headgear and frame increases and assures patient comfort
• The light and soft fabric affords better sleep experience
• There are fewer or no red marks on the user’s face

Nuance Pro Silicone Frame

This frame with Gel Pads made of clear, flexible silicone. Gel pads at the cheek area of the frame are permanently attached to the silicone frame to cushion the cheeks. Velcro closure tabs are used to fasten the headgear.

Features of the Nuance Pro Gel Frame include:

• The non-slip headgear and gel-padded frame holds the mask in place all night
• There is minimal need for re-adjustment of the CPAP mask
• Modern and high-performance look

Both masks have non-slip headgear that stays in place while the user is asleep. Aside from the gel pillows providing great seal and comfort, it is lightweight and non-obtrusive. The inclusive tubing is flexible and adaptable. Since the nasal pillow conforms to different sizes of nostrils, nasal irritation is greatly reduced.

Flexible Short Tube

The flexible short tube sort of acts as a buffer between the nasal gel and the long hose to facilitate movement during sleep without compromising the seal. A swivel is attached to the end of the short tube which allows the long tube to easily turn without affecting the short tube. The short tube is attached to the pillow cushion platform that is inserted in the frame’s opening whereas the gel pillow easily attaches to the pillow cushion platform.

Micro Exhalation Ports

The Nuance and Nuance Pro use an elbow connection that has micro exhilaration ports to assure soft and quiet exhalation stream. Since the ports are angled towards the short tube, exhaled air will be aimed upward if the tube is over the head and secured with the headgear. If the tube is over the chest of the user, exhaled air will be routed towards the user’s body.


Philips Respironics Nuance and Nuance Pro are effective, affordable, travel friendly, easy to clean and maintain as both have only four parts. Since there is no forehead support, the user can read or watch TV during therapy.

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