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Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask Review

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Fisher & Paykel’s line of Simplus Full Face Mask may well have revolutionized full face CPAP masks with its three components of comfort, fit and ease of use. The Simplus ErgoForm headgear fit is natural for improved comfort for those active sleepers. The Simplus RollFit Full Face Cushion flexes and rolls to minimize pressure and greatly improve seal during sleep. The frame is lightweight and low profile affording a clear line of sight to the user.


Key Features

Hundreds of hours went into the research and development of Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask. The design engineers of F&P took into account users’ comfort and compliance. This full face mask features:

• Fisher & Paykel’s innovated RollFit™ Seal
• FlexiFit Technology - Provides adjustable fitting capabilities
• Light Frame and Easy-Clip attaching mechanism
• ErgoForm™ headgear is standard
• Advanced Air Diffuser

Simplus Full Face Mask simple design is definitely devised for performance and comfort. Its advanced air diffuser feature means less noise and therefore more peaceful and restful nights for the user and bed partner during sleep. The simple frame is a one-size-fits-all affair.

The Simplus Full Face Mask has only 3 main parts - headgear, frame and cushion. The minimal design makes it easy for the user to adjust the mask as well as maintain it. Since it is very lightweight, user comfort during therapy is ensured.

RollFit™ Seal

Whether a user is undergoing CPAP or BiPAP therapy, F&P’s RollFit™ Seal technology delivers great comfort and fit through its rolling type action. The innovative mask cushion rolls back and forth on the bridge of the nose thus ensuring minimised pressure on the nose yet an efficient and comfortable seal for optimum therapy. This feature also affords less facial contact.

Light Frame and Easy Clip

There is no need to purchase another mask to get a perfect fit as the Easy Frame system affords interchanging of cushions. The low-profile EasyFrame is not only lightweight and compact but stable, durable and ensures a clear line of sight of the user. This allows the user the freedom to read, watch TV or work on his laptop or smartphone while undergoing therapy.

ErgoForm Headgear

The ErgoForm headgear is breathable, comfortable and allows movement to the user. The headgear is easily adjustable thanks to the Velcro tabs. The headgear clips make it easy to remove. Stability is achieved as sections of the headgear are made of stretch materials while some stay in place. The headgear is available in sizes small and med/large. The five-point adjustments on the headgear afford personalised fit.


The Fisher & Paykel’s line of Simplus Full Face Mask is an affordable, convenient and efficient CPAP and BiPAP mask. It is available at CPAP Victoria. Call us now for your enquiries and orders.

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