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Best CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnoea. PART 1 of 3

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Best CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnoea. PART 1 of 3

There are plenty of makes and models of CPAP machines available in the market today and choosing the best one is not exactly easy. Here, CPAP Victoria attempts to present the best CPPA machines they offer including APAP machines and travel CPAP machines. Here are CPAP Victoria’s top seven CPAP machines based on quality, features and reviews of users.

Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine

This CPAP machine is highly efficient for those with respiratory issues and sleep apnoea. It has a Thermostat heated hose and a built-in humidifier thereby affording comfort and ease for users. Other features of the Fisher & Paykel ICON also include: auto algorithm, SensAwake (pressure relief technology), smart dial for data control and sleep functions, ramp feature, alarm clock and alarm tunes, and adjustment for auto altitude.

This CPAP machine is not exactly heavy but it is not light either considering its efficient size of 160 x 170 x 220 mm. This machine is very easy to use as detailed instructions on how to make this product work are included. The machine’s specifications include a chamber to hold the water, disposable filters, power supply cord, a carrying case and a Smart Stick card for data storage. It has a pressure range of 4-20 cm H20 in increments of .5, an optimum performance pressure range of 4-20 cm H20, a tolerable noise level of less than 29 dBA. It can store 365 sessions of summary data and detailed data of up to 400 hours.

Available models are the Fisher and Paykel ICON PLUS Premo and Fisher and Paykel ICON PLUS Novo.


DeVilbiss SleepCube Standard CPAP Machine

DeVilbiss SleepCube is a fixed pressure CPAP machine specifically designed for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea. Known as IntelliPAP CPAP machine in the USA, the SleepCube is compact, light, aesthetically designed, quiet to operate, and has all the required features of an efficient CPAP machine.


Some of the features of the SleepCube are its automatic on and off switch when placing or removing the mask and LCD contrast control for ease in viewing. It features a delay timer or ramp time of 0-45 minutes at intervals of 5 minutes with each interval set at increments of 0.5cm H2O pressure. The SleepCube has a notification and reminder system that alerts users when the machine detects dislodged mask or when the filters need to be replaced. This CPAP machine also features automatic altitude compensation between 0 to 2,750 meters (0 to 9,000 ft). The universal power supply is auto-switching from 100 to 240 volts- 50/60 Hz. What is great is that the SleepCube CPAP can run on 12V DC, except the humidifier, in case there is no power supply and will automatically connect back to AC power if it’s available and the machine is connected. This CPAP machine has a travel-friendly model called DeVilbiss SleepCube CPAP Travel Pack.


The heated humidifier is optional and it easily integrates into the system without necessitating more power cords. When connected to the CPAP device, the system’s footprint remains the same as the humidifier is connected through a slot under the device.

Next week’s blog will feature two more of CPAP Victoria’s top CPAP machines.

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