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We are Approved by the Sleep Health Foundation

The Sleep Health Foundation (SHF) is an Australian-based non-profit organisation that is the leading national advocate for sleep health. In the past three years, it has remained true to its mission of improving people’s lives through better sleep. It has successfully imparted its message by reaching out to the public through media and the internet; interaction with leaders of communities; communication with other health organisations, and the distribution of information leaflets.

Objectives of Sleep Health Foundation

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is important for a person’s mental and physical health, his safety and productivity. Scientific studies indicate than more than 20% of the population have a form of sleeping disorder but despite this, proper attention has not been given to the importance of healthy sleep in relation to healthy living. In this aspect, SHF hopes to change this through:

Advocacy - SHF consistently delivers a strong message about healthy sleep to the community and government through mainstream and social media, websites and dialogues.

Public Education and Resources - SHR continues to develop and produce educational materials about healthy sleep and sleeping disorders, and make them freely available in social media sites and other websites.

Collaboration - SHF has partnered with key players to promote sleep health. The Foundation continues to foster relationships with researchers, patients, businesses and professional organisations.
Best Practice Standards - SHF supports the best practice standards of the industry thereby ensuring high consideration for sleep therapies by the public.

Research and Development - Sleep Health Foundation supports research and development through numerous research funding programs.

Code of Practice for CPAP Sleep Therapies Suppliers

As a guide for suppliers of CPAP machine and other related products, the Sleep Health Foundation has formulated a Code of Practice to ensure the standardisation of products and practices. The code is approved and endorsed by the Australian Sleep Association which is the national organisation of professional sleep scientists and clinicians.

The code’s core is “patient first” and encourages patient participation in decisions pertaining to his sleep therapy. It makes sure that initial sleep therapy and changes to therapy are in consultation with licensed medical practitioners.

In this connection, CPAP Victoria is a certified member of Sleep Health Foundation. Registration and certification is on yearly basis. This assures sleep doctors, and their patients, great confidence that CPAP products sold by CPAP Victoria are on par with the standards of Sleep Health Foundation. The logo of SHF is prominently displayed in CPAP Victoria website.

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