Travel CPAP Machine: Tips When Traveling

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Travel CPAP Machine: Tips When Traveling

One of the most commonly asked questions among CPAP users is “how can I possibly travel without my CPAP machine”? Correct! A person who does nightly CPAP therapy to address his sleep   cannot do away with his therapy if he is traveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure. The solution is easy enough. Get a travel CPAP machine!

Coping with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is not easy. Getting used to a standard CPAP machine for nightly therapy at home is initially challenging. Traveling with a standard CPAP machine could be quite difficult.  Well, this concern is no longer current due to the innovation of a portable CPAP machine.

Design and technology innovations from leading CPAP manufacturers made it achievable to have the same kind of home-based CPAP therapy using a portable mini PAP machine. Traveling with a CPAP machine has become easier.

Tips Prior to Your Travel

It does not take loads of preparation when traveling with a portable CPAP machine. However, there are a few things that you should take care of before your travel date.

If you are traveling by plane, make sure you have a printed copy of clearance from your airline. Having one means your machine is in compliance with the regulations and rules of the carrier.  This will facilitate ease in dealing with check-ins and X-ray machine, TSA agents, and flight attendants. Always carry a medical certificate that you require CPAP therapy.

Depending on your preference, you can check-in your travel CPAP with the rest of your luggage if you’re traveling by plane. However, CPAP machines are considered medical devices so even if you bring one in the airplane cabin, it is not considered as a carry-on bag. And, it is best to bring your device on the plane in case of lost luggage.

Newer model CPAP machines are more compact and light and comes with a travel case. Commonly called “mini”, this variant is even easier and more convenient to bring when traveling. The ResMed Ultimate Airmini Travel is a fine example under this category.

ResMed Ultimate Mini Travel

International traveling should not be a problem with regards to voltage and outlet adapters since almost all newer models have universal adapters and 110/220 voltage.  Nevertheless, it’s best to bring the right adapters and plugs to avoid inconvenience.  As a precaution against power outages or if you are going to a place where electric supply could be a problem, it is best to rent or buy an extra batter pack for back-up.  The Transcend CPAP P8 has a battery pack with a 16-hour battery life. 

Transcend CPAP and P8 Battery

If you are traveling to another time zone, make sure you update the time and date of your machine to ensure that your sleeping time will be recorded accordingly. Change back the time and date once you are home.

Make sure you also bring extra supplies such as cushions to avoid inconvenience. If there’s a chance that you will be using your CPAP in-flight, make sure your plane seat has a power outlet.

In case of machine breakdown, it is best to have a copy of your prescription if you need to buy supplies. Or you can just ask your seller for recommendations in your destination just in case.

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