Tips When Using CPAP Machine on International Travels

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Tips When Using CPAP Machine on International Travels

When traveling abroad, you may be required to use a power adapter plug as there are various types of wall sockets or outlets found in other countries. In addition, most CPAP models have compatible power converters that will enable the machine to power up on AC from 100 to 240 volts without necessitating any modification or adjustment.

There are several things you can do to prepare for a trip abroad with your CPAP machine. You might want to check out a previous post about CPAP power solutions for this information. Below are more useful tip you should know when traveling abroad. Note that CPAP therapy should be done each night, no matter where you are. Even when abroad.


Here are some tips to help you when you travel.

Make sure that you remove the water from the humidifier if you will take it with you.  Water left in the humidifier chamber can go or be tipped into the CPAP machine and therefore damage it.

When going through security at the airport or any transport terminal, security personnel are most likely to inspect the CPAP machine separately. Make sure you stay with the CPAP so you can watch security personnel handle your machine. See to it that all accessories of the machine such as mask, cords, filters, chamber and batteries are placed back in the bag.

To facilitate quick and no-fuss inspection of your CPAP machine through security, identity or label the machine as medical equipment.  In connection, it is best to carry a medical alert card in your person identifying you as a patient with obstructive sleep apnoea.

If you brought along a battery, see to it that you have the necessary parts and accessories to safely power up the machine on batteries. Do not forget to bring an international adapter plug in the event that you need to plug the machine in a wall socket.

Do not forget to pack your power cord. If possible, bring an extra.  Cases of people leaving behind their cellphone charger at home or in the hotel are very common so are cases of CPAP owners leaving their power cord.

It is best to bring extra masks and parts such as filters and batteries as these can be easily misplaced or left behind. This will ensure that you can proceed with your nightly therapy without fail.

In the event that you lose or left behind any part, you can call us for help from anywhere, any time!



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