Recommended Replacement Period of CPAP Parts

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Recommended Replacement Period of CPAP Parts

CPAP machines need care and maintenance for optimum performance and for a longer lifespan. Maintenance and upkeep of a CPAP machine not only includes proper cleaning and storage but also includes the replacement of parts such as headgear, cushion, humidifier chambers, tubing, and  filters.


The headgear is stretched every which way when used.  Over time, the material is stretched thereby  prompting the user to over tighten the headgear to keep it in place. Repeatedly washing the headgear also affects its elasticity. It is recommend to change the headgear after 6 to 9 months.




Over time the cushions or pillows lose their seal and eventually breakdown.  To increase the life of cushions or pillows, frequent cleaning using the proper disinfectant is highly recommended.  It is recommended to change the cushions or pillows every 3 to 6 months.



Proper usage, maintenance and storage are required to increase the life of a CPAP machine tubing. When detaching the tubing from the machine, you should pull the rubber end and not the actual tubing to protect the cusp from wearing out.  Mineral deposits from the water will eventually build up on the tubing thereby compromising the delivery and quality of air. CPAP machine tubing must be replaced at least once a year.


Humidifier Chambers


It is also possible for mineral deposit to build up in the humidifier. When this happens, the mineral deposits can be a source of bacteria, and can irritate the patient’s sinuses. Washing the humidifier with distilled water after every use will definitely increase its life.  It is best to change the humidifier every 6 to 12 months, depending on usage.



Fine Filters


These filters catch fine particles from the circulating air  in the CPAP. The fine filters of a CPAP machine cannot be washed. They can only be replaced.   For proper maintenance, replacement should be at least once every month.

Reusable Filters


Unlike the fine filters, the reusable filters can be washed and reused. However, it is highly recommended to replace the reusable filters after every 6 months. This is necessary to maintain clean and high quality of air.

Cleaning and replacement of parts are necessary to maintain and extend the life of CPAP machine. It is best to buy from a credible seller of CPAP machines. Call us anytime

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