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From Rhinomed, Mute is a brand new product developed to target and stop you from snoring!


Mute reducing the effects of snoring by holding open the nasal airways, allowing you to breathe easier through your nose and mouth.


What are the benefits of using Mute?


1. You Snore LESS (and your significant other gets to sleep more)

75% of partners reported a marked reduction in snoring, allow both of you to get a better night sleep!


2. You improve your sleep QUALITY

Both snorers and their partners reported improved sleep quality when using Mute.


3. You can sleep COMFORTABLY

The design of Mute allows it to fit easily to the contours of your nose, holding open your airway and allowing you to breathe better.

You can adjust Mute so it comfortably fits to the different shapes of both of your nostrils!


How does Mute work?

- Specifically designed, Mute hugs the anatomical contours of your nostril, keeping your airway open.

- The retention fins in Mute prevent the device from moving during the night.

- 100% recyclable and latex free, the polymer design of Mute promotes comfort.

- You can personalize the fit of Mute by using the paddles to adjust the device, making it perfect for you!

- Rather than the general nasal dilators that work by pushing out the nostril, Mute works by holding the internal nostril and airway open.


Want some more information about Mute? Please watch this short video. 


Mute - How To Use from Rhinomed Limited on Vimeo.


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