ResMed Airsense 11 Available Soon at CPAP Victoria

Exciting news awaits! We're thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated Airsense 11 will be open for pre-orders starting August 18th. The delivery of stock is expected September 4th - 10th.

With initial stock quantities limited, acting swiftly is key to ensuring you're among the fortunate first to experience the Airsense 11's remarkable features. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers – secure yours before they're gone!

Stay tuned for our upcoming email on August 18th, providing you with all the details you need to place your pre-order seamlessly. The Airsense 11 is here to elevate your experience, and we can't wait for you to be a part of this journey.

What Sets the ResMed AirSense 11 Apart?

Improved Therapy Adjustment and Support Features

The AirSense 11 comes with better digital health technology made to help patients start and get used to therapy more easily. It combines our trusted therapy modes with digital support features for setting up equipment and getting used to therapy. This provides personalized help and guidance to assist patients in solving common therapy problems on their own.

S11 Icon

Contemporary Aesthetics
: The AirSense 11 boasts a modern and stylish appearance that fosters a positive perception of its use.


Portable S11 icon

Enhanced Portability: With a reduced size and weight compared to its predecessor, the AirSense 11 is notably more compact and easier to transport.

Touch Screen icon S11

Intuitive Interface
: Featuring an expansive touchscreen akin to a smartphone, the AirSense 11 ensures user-friendly interaction.

Self Support Icon S11
Tailored Support: The AirSense 11 extends personalised guidance during initial setup and troubleshooting to foster self-sufficiency.
Therapy Modes Icon S11

Versatile Therapy Modes
: Multiple modes cater to various therapeutic needs, adapting to diverse sleep scenarios.

Upgrages Icon s11

Progressive Upgrades
: The device remains up-to-date through remote updates, enhancing its capabilities and performance over time.


Comprehensive Assistance App: A dedicated application offers assistance in navigating device usage and monitoring therapy progress.



Assisted by Air Solutions


The AirSense 11 CPAP machine is backed by Air Solutions, a comprehensive collection of tools and technologies known for aiding patients in adapting to and sticking with therapy. This includes ResMed AirView™, a remote monitoring platform, and myAir™, a patient engagement app. When used together, these digital health technologies have demonstrated the potential to elevate therapy compliance defined by CMS over a 90-day period to 87%, compared to 70% when solely monitored through AirView. In addition, users of myAir consistently extended their sleep duration by an average of one hour each night within the initial 90 days of therapy, surpassing other CPAP users' sleep patterns.

It's essential to remember that CPAP is used for sleep-related issues, and strict adherence to usage guidelines is pivotal. Consultation with a medical professional is advised to determine its suitability for individual requirements.