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Independently owned and operated
300+ 5 star reviews

Introducing F&P SleepStyle™

SleepStyle Empowers You With Restful Nights Sleep.

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Elegant, Easy To Use and Very Small.

The brand new SleepStyle has a lot going on under the surface to ensure a comfortable nights sleep.


World-class humidification features a heated breathing tube with AirSpiral™ technology that is designed to minimize condensation. Enhanced algorithm delivers a comfortable humidification experience for patients.**


A responsive ramp throughout the night. When wakefulness is detected, treatment pressure is automatically and promptly reduced to a more comfortable level. This eases the return to sleep and helps effective treatment to continue.

Expiratory Relief

An added layer of comfort. Automatically relieves CPAP pressure during exhalation to make breathing more comfortable.

  • 1 x SleepStyle CPAP Device
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Thermosmart Heated Breathing Tube
  • 1 x Humidifier/Water Chamber
  • 1 x Use and Care Guide
  • 1 x Quick Reference Guide
  • 1 x Air Filter (1 spare included)
  • 1 x F&P InfoUSB (For data recording and reporting)
  • 1 x Spare Elbow (For use with a non-heated standard breathing tube)

Remarkable Features

Quiet Integrated Design

Fisher & Paykel have been working with existing CPAP users to create their latest and best machine to date. The new SleepStyle is designed from the ground up to do everything to treat your sleep apnoea effectively while keeping you sleeping soundly and comfortably. Combining all the features you'll find in other CPAP units into a single machine, the new SleepStyle machine refines and improves accross the board with a quiet compact machine that's easier to use than ever before.

Fisher & Paykel's quietest machine ever, the power supply and humidifier are fully integrated into the machine to maximise use of limited bedside space

User Friendly Buttons and Menus

Working with existing CPAP users, Fisher & Paykel have implemented clear and responsive buttons for navigating the machines options. Or have us set the machine for you and simply push "Start"

Easy-Access Humidifier Chamber

The simple push of a button on top of the machine gives immediate access to the water chamber, which has been designed to be easy to fill and clean.

Intelligent Therapy

Includes all of Fisher & Paykel's existing intelligent and automatic technologies. Thermosmart™ with new Airpsiral™ keep the temperature just right and avoid condensation, while SensAwake™ and Expiratory Relief keep you breathing comfortably throughout the night.

Built-in Connectivity and Sleepstyle app

Built-in Bluetooth allows you to track your progress instantly via the brand new SleepStyle app available on IOS or Android using simplified data that's easy to understand. A built in modem allows for remote data readings by your CPAP clinicians.

F&P SleepStyle Auto/CPAP Performance Features

There are two models to choose from: One with and one without the Auto-Adjusting Pressure

Performance Features SleepStyle Auto SleepStyle CPAP
Fully integrated humidifier
Auto-adjusting pressure
ThermoSmart technology
Expiratory relief
Central Sleep Apnoea detection
Auto-altitude adjustment
Leak compensation
Efficacy reporting
Compliance reporting
Bluetooth wireless technology
Cellular modem*
Compatible with    
F&P InfoSmart
F&P SleepStyle App and Web†
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