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Philips DreamStation Pro with Mask Package

Save $655
This Package Deal Includes: Dreamstation Pro with Heated Tube and Humidifer and Cellular modem. Mask of Choice (rrp $260) 5 year Manufacturer Warranty (machine only) More Info


Philips DreamStation Pro with Mask Package

Save $655
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This Package Deal Includes: Dreamstation Pro with Heated Tube and Humidifer and Cellular modem. Mask of Choice (rrp $260) 5 year Manufacturer Warranty (machine only) More Info
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This Package Deal Includes:

  • Dreamstation Pro with Heated Tube and Humidifer and Cellular modem.
  • Mask of Choice (rrp $260)
  • 5 year Manufacturer Warranty (machine only)


Philips DreamStation CPAP HumidHT Pro

The Philips Respironics DreamStation Pro CPAP device has an accessible and user-friendly menu designed to provide alerts and sleep results for CPAP users. This Fixed Pressure CPAP device is an effective, yet extremely versatile device, allowing the Humidifier to detach from the Flow Generator. This is particularly  helpful during certain periods of travel, external power use or limitations in bedside space. With highly developed clinical options and therapy comfort features, this is truly an inclusive top-tier device as expected from the expertise of Philips Respironics and their Healthcare systems.

Download the associated DreamMapper app onto a tablet or smartphone to access nightly sleep results relayed through Bluetooth wireless technology. DreamMapper is available on Apple devices with iOS 6 or newer and Android products 2.2 or newer (smartphone and tablet not included). 

This device has an in-built cellular modem which allows for remote data transmission to your Healthcare Provider, as well as wireless receipt of setting or prescription changes*.

*Wireless activity subject to local network availability and connection. Device uses own 4G connection managed by CPAP Victoria; your Home Internet or Wi-Fi connection is not used or compromised.

Product Features:

Heated Humidifier with Adaptive Climate Control
Bluetooth Connection to DreamMapper App
Cellular Modem
Ramp and SmartRamp
C-Flex Technology
LCD On-Screen Display
Respironics Dry Box Design


The DreamStation Heated Humidifier is an add-on designed to prevent dryness and congestion as a result of sleep therapy. Integrate the machine and humidifier to provide moisturising air to CPAP users, significantly enhancing comfort during use. A unique 'Preheat' feature has been incorporated into the DreamStation Humidifier to begin warming the water chamber 30 minutes in advance. Be sure the airflow is turned OFF and the humidifier is connected before selecting this feature.

Tube temperature and humidification settings can be set while the unit is in operation. To add, 'Adaptive' mode can be enabled which will monitor ambient humidity levels and automatically adjust heat settings to provide intuitive climate control and air treatment, whilst reducing the incidence of condensation or rain-out. 

The Ramp and SmartRamp feature are both designed to gradually adjust the user to CPAP therapy. Airflow will begin at a lower, comfortable pressure before slowly increasing to desired pressure output upon sleep onset (SmartRamp) or following a designated time period (Ramp).

C-Flex Technology is a pressure relief and significant advancement in CPAP therapy comfort. A range of settings numbered 1 through 3 are established to create varying levels of pressure reduction upon exhalation. This will minimise any resistance on an exhaled breath, allowing for a sensation of more natural pressure delivery.

The DreamStation Pro was built with a simplistic and practical LCD screen. While the User Interface is in use, the screen is well lit. As the lights in the room dim, the screen's sensor will expel the light from the screen. The device also incorporates a Respironics engineering concept named 'DryBox Technology' which reduces the chance of water damage via prevention of water travel throughout the system, as well as water displacement with strategic air port placement.

Sleep therapy statistics are posted on the User Interface to display results and goals for your CPAP regime. This, coupled with the DreamMapper app, allows for effective engagement and monitoring of your progress and treatment outcomes.



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Philips DreamStation Pro with Mask Package

Save $655

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