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CPAP Therapy: Is it really Beneficial?

The most efficient and effective treatment for sleep apnoea is CPAP therapy, and that is a fact.  However, CPAP therapy is not “cure” for sleep apnoea, and this fact is often highlighted when user continues to struggle with the use of a CPAP machine. More often than not, it is easy enough to “forget” and disregard the benefits of CPAP therapy when it usage is uncomfortable and even annoying.

Is CPAP therapy worth the trouble and initial inconvenience?

Important benefits of CPAP Therapy

There are sleep apnoea patients prescribed with CPAP therapy that can’t seem to cope with the machine.… Read More...

Risk Factors in Developing Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Studies indicate that anyone can develop obstructive sleep apnoea.  Though more men develop sleep apnoea, women and children are also at risk of developing sleep apnoea.  Are there factors in increasing one’s risk in developing obstructive sleep apnoea?

Sleep Medications

Taking sleep medications may worsen the condition by inhibiting the airway.  A study done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that close to nine million people in the United States alone take prescription sleeping pills in the past month, thereby increasing the potential dangers of sleep apnoea.  Why?

Episodes of sleep apnoea end when the sleeping person is awakened due to lack of oxygen, loud snoring, or any other respiratory distress signal.… Read More...

Sleep Hypopnea: A Brief Discussion

Hypopneoa and sleep apnoea are not similar, but are related sleep disorders.  A decrease in airflow is evident in hypopnea, lasting 10 seconds at the least in respiration. There is also a reduction in  the saturation of oxygen and decrease in ventilation, thereby lessening the  concentration of oxygen in one’s red blood cells. Hypopnoea can occur during nighttime while one sleeps, and during the day when one is awake.

Hypopnoea and Sleep Apnoea

Hypopnoea and sleep apnoea belong to the same family of sleep disorder. Where hypopnea is indicated by the partial obstruction of air during sleep or when awake, apnoea is indicated by the complete obstruction or blockage of air during sleep.  … Read More...

CPAP Therapy on Children

As with adults, children suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea have trouble paying attention and are sometimes diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. They are tired during the day and often exhibit other behavioral problem because they lack quality nighttime sleep.

In recent years, the initial step in treating OSA in children is to surgically remove adenoids and tonsil. A major flow in this course of treatment is the fact that not all children with OSA are good candidates for the procedure. Another consideration is that the surgical procedure might not actually cure the sleep apnoea such as in cases where the child is obese.… Read More...