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Running Nose and Sneezing When Using CPAP Machine

There are CPAP machine users who have to deal with running nose and sneezing problems while on CPAP therapy. Some experience running nose while undergoing actual therapy while there are those who have sinus and sneezing problems during the day. It is a Catch 22 kind of thing. These patients need the CPAP therapy and therefore have to bear with the misery of running nose and incessant sneezing during the day OR do away with the therapy, no runny nose and sneezing, but suffer the consequences of untreated obstructive sleep apnoea.

Why Does CPAP therapy cause running nose and sneezing?

When CPAP-processed air enters a person’s nasal cavity and throat, the air naturally dries, consequently making the temperature drop, thereby cooling the throat and nasal cavity.… Read More...