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How to Eliminate CPAP Claustrophobia

There are CPAP users who are actually terrified to sleep with their CPAP mask on. Some feel anxious, while there are those who experience panic attack. And then there are those who cannot breathe or feel claustrophobic while undergoing their CPAP therapy.  The fact is a great number of beginner CPAP users experience this.  However, this problem can be diminished and even totally eliminated for an effective and glitch-free CPAP therapy.

CPAP Claustrophobia Explained

CPAP claustrophobia is a natural occurrence at the beginning of a patient’s CPAP treatment. The patient may seem to struggle to breathe each night while undergoing therapy.… Read More...

Snoring Devices for Sleep Apnoea

CPAP Victoria has continuously presented alternative treatments for sleep apnoea. Based on surveys and anecdotal proof, some of these treatments proved to be effective for some patients, whereas there are those claimed the futility of some alternative treatments. Improvement of patient’s condition largely depends on the severity of his sleep apnoea.

Blog posts pertaining to tongue exercises to improve sleep breathing disorders, playing the didgeridoo, alternative lifestyle such as weight loss, dental appliances and so on, have been presented to readers to educate them about alternative treatments to sleep apnoea.

What about snoring devices? Can they help sufferers of mild sleep apnoea?… Read More...