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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Obesity

Sleep apnoea is a growing concern not only in Australia but in other countries as well.  Studies indicate that the sleep disorder is indissolubly linked obesity. Sleep apnoea not only causes a person to lose sleep but to cause him to eat more as well.

The relationship between sleep deprivation, satiety hormones, and hunger has been manifested in several independent studies.  People with sleep apnoea tend to have high fasting blood sugar, elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol, made worse by the constant lack of sleep.  Obesity may cause sleep apnoea which in turn may lead to dysfunctional eating, which may lead to gaining more weight that may aggravate blood sugar level, blood pressure and so on.… Read More...

Sleep Apnoea and Headache

Statistics indicate that about 80%-90% of the population has suffered from tension headache at some point of their lives.  In connection, there is a point of debate about whether sleep apnoea is linked to the circumstance of waking up in the morning with a splitting headache.

Research indicate that one out of five people with severe sleep apnoea suffered from severe headache on waking up each morning, prompting them to seek medical help, and eventually taking   a polysomnogram to make a diagnosis.

It must be noted though that headache on waking up is not exclusive to people with untreated sleep apnoea as headache is also common to people with other sleeping disorders.… Read More...