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Can Sleep Apnoea Cause Death?

People with untreated sleep apnoea can die in their sleep not directly due to the sleep disorder, but due to grave changes or alterations in their cardiovascular system. Studies indicate that deaths rooted in sleep apnoea usually happen at night. However, sleep apnoea death does not happen overnight.

Scientists concur that people with severe yet untreated sleep apnoea are more at risk of sleep apnoea death.  Studies indicate that people with sleep apnpoea are 3 times more likely to suffer congestive heart failure or stroke and the die, compared to patients without sleep apnoea but are afflicted with the same health problems.… Read More...

What Causes of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea?

Obstructive sleep apnoea or OSA is a sleeping disorder that causes a person to stop and start breathing countless times while sleeping. It is not a communicable disease passed on from one random person to another, or a hereditary disease that is passed on from a parent to child.

After studies done by sleep researchers and scientists, OSA can be due to several one’s medical and physical conditions. A person may develop OSA due to his weight, gender, age, and even ethnicity. There are 12 known causes of OSA.


Genetic factor in this sense refers the physical aspect of a person.… Read More...