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OSA, CPAP Therapy and Residual Sleepiness Part II

In last week’s post, we presented that it is possible to still feel tired and sleepy after 6 hours of CPAP therapy. The condition is called CPAP resistant syndrome and it is actually experienced by about 10% of OSA patients that undergo CPAP therapy.

Residual sleepiness is one of the signs of CPAP resistant syndrome.  Two other causes of this syndrome are: unseen problems that affect CPAP therapy, and other conditions that are unrelated to CPAP therapy.

What are these unseen or hidden problems that decrease CPAP sleep quality?

  • Leaks -One of the most common causes of low quality of sleep when using a CPAP machine is a leaking mask.

OSA, CPAP Therapy and Residual Sleepiness

Are you tired and sleepy even after undergoing CPAP therapy? If the answer is YES, then you could be one of the 10% obstructive sleep apnoea patients who meet the parameters of a successful treatment but still experience daytime sleepiness and notable tiredness throughout the day. This condition is called residual sleepiness.

These symptoms are not to be taken lightly as the group of OSA symptoms generally affects quality of life, impairs a person’s ability to remember and concentrate, and even increases the risk of vehicular accidents.  A successful CPAP therapy treatment is achieved when the AHI reads between 5 to 15 with no associated symptoms, or an AHI reading of below 5.  … Read More...

A Short Sleep IQ Test

For centuries sleep was believed to be a mere state of passive activity wherein the body and mind take a break to “rest”. However, sleep studies in modern times indicated that sleep is actually a second state complete with varied complex physical and mental activities.

Sleep is an important physiological process for humans and even for most animals with large brains. Sleep deprivation causes one to feel tired and irritable, become less efficient, less creative, commit more mistakes, develop illnesses and even gain weight.

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

How Much Do You Know About Sleep?

A person feels sleepy because he needs sleep.…

Overview: Idiopathic Hypersomnia

Idiopathic Hypersomnia’s (IH) main symptom is excessive sleepiness during the day. There are two forms of IH. The first one is when a person has a normal amount of sleep of to 9 hours, and the other form is where a person sleeps for up to 14 hours at night. In both cases, they also take 1-2 hours naps during the day. The morning naps and long hours of sleep at night still fail to refresh the person. He wakes up feeling tired, groggy and unrested.

Idiopathic Insomnia is not very common. Studies indicate that the problem could be in the parts of the brain that regulate wakefulness and sleep.… Read More...