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Care and Maintenance of CPAP Humidifiers

Caring and maintaining your humidifier is as easy as emptying and cleaning its water tank after each use. The important thing to remember when filling up the humidifier after each cleanup is to use distilled water.

What’s wrong with using tap water for the humidifier?

Tap water will surely leave traces of mineral deposit at the bottom of the chamber when the water evaporates. These white mineral deposits in the chamber will not only hinder optimum performance of the humidifier but might also lead to harmful mold growth.  There have been reported cases of lung diseases in direct link to using contaminated water in CPAP humidifiers.   … Read More...

Types of CPAP Humidifiers

Majority of patients using PAP machine experience some form of irritation. CPAP air is a known irritant and it some users may experience dryness of the nose and throat, and nasal congestion. Extremely dryness may cause the nose and throat to swell and bleed too. The irritation may build up as over time and may cause infection of the nasal passages. A humidifier adds moisture to CPAP air. By using a humidifier nasal passage irritation could be diminished or totally eliminated.

Types of Humidifier

There are two general types of CPAP humidifier: heated humidifiers and cold or pass-over humidifiers.

There are three more types of heated humidifiers and they are:

  • Stand-alone Humidifiers – This type of humidifier is unattached to, and will work with any kind of CPAP machine that does not have a built-in humidifier.

Tips When Using CPAP Machine on International Travels

When traveling abroad, you may be required to use a power adapter plug as there are various types of wall sockets or outlets found in other countries. In addition, most CPAP models have compatible power converters that will enable the machine to power up on AC from 100 to 240 volts without necessitating any modification or adjustment.

There are several things you can do to prepare for a trip abroad with your CPAP machine. You might want to check out a previous post about CPAP power solutions for this information. Below are more useful tip you should know when traveling abroad.… Read More...