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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Sleep

ADHD is the term used to describe inattentiveness, hyperactivity, distractibility and impulsivity of a person. This condition usually manifests in children (more common in boys) during early childhood and may continue on to adulthood.  Children with ADHD have much difficulty in staying focused, sitting down and controlling their actions and emotions. These may lead to his underdeveloped social skills, poor school performance, dependence and isolation. In majority of cases, children with ADHD need special care and attention not only from their parents but from teachers and healthcare professional to thrive.


What is the connection between ADJD and sleep problems? Studies indicate that children with ADHD have an increased level of daytime sleepiness in comparison with children without ADHD.… Read More...

Importance of Sleep for Adolescents

Sleep experts categorize children ages 11 to 22 as adolescents. This age group is known for hugging the bed seemingly wanting to sleep all day. Sleep experts now deem this age group as needing more sleep than they did when they were 10 years old and younger, and are not just turning into sleepy, lazy young adults.

Do Teens Really Need More Sleep?

Studies indicate that during late puberty, melatonin, the sleep-related hormone is secreted at a different time than normal. This in effect changes the circadian rhythms that indicated the sleep-wake cycle of a person. It is therefore normal for a teenager who usually falls asleep at 10 p.m.… Read More...

Foods to help you sleep better

Scientific studies indicate that what a person eat and drink before bed can affect his sleep. Studies show that food that has significant amount of amino acid tryptophan could make a person drowsy. Food such as turkey, chicken, egg, fish and nuts contain a significant amount of this sleep-related chemical serotonin building block. Carbohydrates also contain tryptophan. A good snack before bedtime is cereal with milk or a few squares of whole wheat crackers with peanut butter. Fatty, spicy and fried food should be avoided before bedtime. What other foods are recommended for a good night’s sleep?

Fish such as halibut, salmon and tuna are rich in Vitamin B6 which is needed to produce melatonin.… Read More...

Philips DreamStation CPAP HumidHT Pro Cellular

Philips Respironics newest addition to its line of efficient CPAP machines is DreamStation CPAP HumidHT Pro Cellular. This is a single pressure CPAP machine designed and manufactured to use in tandem with Bluetooth wireless technology for ease of tracking. It is a single pressure device that affords pressure relief qualities for a more sleep-conducive environment.
DreamStation CPAP machine comes with a heated humidifier that ensures air coming from the water chamber into the therapy mask is warm.

Product Features

Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP machine’s menu is highly accessible and easy to use. Designed to nudge CPAP users with alert and sleep results, this feature has several setup options such as optional humidification, ramp and flex pressure relief.… Read More...