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Best CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnoea. PART 3 of 3

The last three CPAP machines in CPAP Victoria’s list of top 7 are PR System One, Airsense 10 and Airsense 10 for her.

PR System one REMStar 60 Series Pro CPAP Machine with Bluetooth

This particular CPAP machine has been upgraded several times over with more features added. The latest feature added is a Bluetooth. It is now possible to link the machine to SleepMapper app on any Apple or Android phone to easily relay data of a user’s sleep. The C-Flex technology is still used in the transition phase of inhaling to exhaling against the pressure of airflow.

PR system 1

The PR System One has an auto-trial and CPAP check modes wherein it is possible to put the machine into auto trial mode.… Read More...

Best CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnoea. PART 2 of 3

Last week CPAP Victoria reviewed two out of seven top CPAP machines currently in the market. We featured Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine and DeVilbiss SleepCube Standard CPAP Machine. This week, we will discuss the Transcend mini CPAP machine and RESmart CPAP machine.

Transcend mini CPAP Machine

Transcend mini is one of the most compact, lightweight and quietest of all CPAP machines. Small at it is, it has all the qualities of a good CPAP machine and is compatible with all types of CPAP masks. At less than one pound and with three battery options, it is definitely a very portable CPAP machine that is great for travel and camping.… Read More...

Best CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnoea. PART 1 of 3

There are plenty of makes and models of CPAP machines available in the market today and choosing the best one is not exactly easy. Here, CPAP Victoria attempts to present the best CPPA machines they offer including APAP machines and travel CPAP machines. Here are CPAP Victoria’s top seven CPAP machines based on quality, features and reviews of users.

Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine

This CPAP machine is highly efficient for those with respiratory issues and sleep apnoea. It has a Thermostat heated hose and a built-in humidifier thereby affording comfort and ease for users. Other features of the Fisher & Paykel ICON also include: auto algorithm, SensAwake (pressure relief technology), smart dial for data control and sleep functions, ramp feature, alarm clock and alarm tunes, and adjustment for auto altitude.… Read More...