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Sleep-Wake Disorders of Circadian Rhythm

Sleep-Wake Disorders of Circadian Rhythm

crdThe disruption of an individual’s circadian rhythm brings weeks, months or even years of sleep times that are out of alignment.  There are six general types of circadian rhythm disorders and a person suffering from these disorders has an abnormal sleeping pattern.

Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase

A circadian rhythm sleep disorder is Delayed sleep-wake phase disorder or DSP. This is when the sleep pattern of a person is  delayed by at least two hours. A person with DSP will sleep late at night and wake very late in the morning. Though sleep quality is quite normal, the delay pattern of sleep affects the person’s life in terms of schedules as the delay pattern interfered with work, school and other social obligations. … Read More...

Sleep Related Breathing Disorders

Sleep disorders may involve difficulty breathing during sleep and is classified as sleep related breathing disorders. The most common type of this disorder is obstructive sleep apnoea and its variations.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a sleep disorder that causes a person to stop breathing during sleep due to blockage in the airway. The airway becomes blocked several times an hour, and this limits the amount of oxygen that reaches his lungs. The person usually snores and makes choking noises as he breathes. As the brain and body lacks oxygen, the person wakes up hundreds of times per night.… Read More...

What is Hypersomnia?

Hypersomnia is the term used to a group of sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness to a person. A person with hypersomnia has the possibility of falling asleep while in the middle of an activity such as driving or working. They may also show symptoms of deprived sleep such as not thinking clearly and lack of energy. Narcolepsy is a type of hypersomnia as well idiopathic hypersomnia, Klein-Levin Syndrome and those suffering from insufficient sleep syndrome and those who are long sleepers.


This condition is a lifelong sleep disorder that makes a person excessively tired with an uncontrolled urge to fall asleep while engage in another activity.… Read More...

Categories of Sleep Disorders

Much has been said about sleep disorders and their related co-morbidities. There seems to be a range of sleep disorders known to mankind and knowing which is which leaves most in a quandary. The real focus here is to determine what type and under what category is a person’s sleep disorder is so that the correct course of treatment can commence. After all, lack of sleep is the root of myriad health issues and problems.

Sleep Disorders Groups

There are six major groups of sleep disorders that have been categorized. These groups include insomnia, hypersomnias, sleep related breathing disorders, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, parasomnias and sleep movement disorders.… Read More...